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Autonomy, the Lone Ranger Pastor Syndrome

How many times have we heard this term of late in the media, motivational books, business articles, and so on. It’s the buzz, to be autonomous. The goal is no longer success but autonomy. Sound familiar?

One near and dear concern I have for the local church in the U.S. is the risk of pastors, particularly senior pastors becoming lone rangers. We need leaders who are willing to stand up and lead with love and clarity, oriented and orienting God’s people around Christ and His Gospel of reconciliation.

My prayer is for pastors today, that any who care for God’s people who are either pastors in title or simply in deed without a title would seek out godly friendships and teams. We all need to be on a team in one form or another in the local church. We cannot let the American idol of autonomy creep into the leadership of our churches. God is the only One Who is needless. We are all together dependent and created beings, leaning together on our Lord for His leadership and absorbed into a place of worshiping Him together with all we are as a community.

Seek out friendship with your spiritual leaders, friends. Care for and support them. Don’t idolize them. Love them.

Enjoy your morning, friends.

– Torreyimage

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