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Joy Overwhelms

Okay, so this image is MAJORLY CHEESY, but it’s funny and gets us going with seeing the contrast between our hum-drum attitudes and what joy and elation we can have in the Lord, regardless of our circumstances. We don’t need to be continually giddy people, and we don’t need to always wear a smile, but as we continually ask the Lord to restore our joy and satisfaction in Him, we do gain joy in more and more avenues of our lives from the very normal to the very sad to the very light-hearted. Our joy is based on the Lord and His worth, based on His saving of us, so we depend less and less on how things go circumstantially in any given day.

When I meet someone who has deep joy in their heart from a steady walk with God, I am compelled to follow their example. Who can step up and serve more steadily than a truly joyful person? Who is more consistently able to press in and press on than a truly joyful person.

David pleads with God that God would restore David’s joy in his having been saved by God. “Restore to me the joy of Your salvation” (Psalm 51). Do we ask for this often enough? Of course not, but that’s the exciting thing. We can ask this again and again, and God will build His good pleasure into every aspect of our lives (Phil. 2:13). May God be the source of our truest experiences of joy, not cheap happiness but rather deep and lasting joy, joy that isn’t dependent upon circumstances going well.

With this attitude of God-given joy, we are much more quick to reach out and look out for each other’s good. We are much more quick to listen and slow to speak. We are comfortable in our own skin. We more readily share the reason we are such hopeful people when asked.

Let’s celebrate our Great Savior and His merciful reusing and ransoming of our souls to be eternal worshipers now and forever, worshipers of our incredibly awesome God!

Enjoy your weekend, friends.

– Torrey

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