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We are all gifts to one another and to those who do not yet know Jesus as Savior and Lord.

We are given by the awesome and gracious Maker of all gifts. What does it look like to see oneself as a gift to others? It looks like offering our lives up to the God Who already is our Maker and Sustainer, availing our wills to His intentions and plans. God wants our whole selves invested into His direction and plans, His Word and His Spirit, His eternal family, His eternal aims for His people, which is a mutual celebration of our Savior and the hope we have found in Him.

I know a woman who was born into a Hmong family in the Central Valley of California. In her twenties she lost her mom and her eleven siblings and her found themselves without their Mom by her death and without their father by his abandonment of them all.

Relatives of this family even took the belongings and resources needed by the children and left the eleven children still in the home homeless and without a covering of any parents or care-providers. My friend tells me that the same day this all came to be, two of her teachers, a husband and wife team, adopted the children into their family as their own. Ever thought of adopting? How about 12 children?!

My friend tells me that this act of love has impacted them still to this day. Adopting twelve children… Sound familiar? God adopted twelve tribes over and over fulfilling on His promises. Our God is a God Who keeps His Word, His commitments to love us and seek us and save us and use us in the seeking and saving of so many hurting souls around us.

This is the Gospel of Jesus as it shows up in our lives here on the ground.

The picture in this post is of the Warehouse window down in Tuolumne. It’s still got a lot more work to be done on it, but there is something going on there! The Delgado family has taken on this building and is turning it into something very special. Imagine more families doing this with a vision to see what God will do. We must get up and see that God has given us as gifts to those in our lives.

Father God, please awaken Tuolumne County to the glories of Calvary, the awesome worth of Jesus Christ as we see Him in the midst of offering up our lives as the gifts that they are to those we encounter. Please continue to use us for Your glory and for the good of our actual neighbors. May Your Kingdom come in Tuolumne County as it is in Heaven.

Thank you, friends, for your attention to this blog. It is thrilling me to simply keep track of what I see God doing in our county and down where my business is in the Valley. There is so much going on and we are right there participating in what God is up to. Instead of comparing and criticizing one another, let’s join together to be willing and ready to serve however God makes plain.

In His enthusiasm for His children,

– Torrey


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