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Faith of Equal Standing with the Apostle Peter


Francis Chan’s Passion Conference sermon from this year that I posted yesterday has been impacting me.

This blog is intended to highlight individuals and families living with 110% devotion to our Savior. This faith is of equal standing with the Super Apostles’ faith, with Apostle Paul’s faith, with the most notable Christians’ of history’s faith because it is all by the righteousness of Jesus Christ!

This image is a little comical. The guy on top is about to very much be on the bottom. He is pointing this out with his gesture. Can’t you see it? Peter is effectively pointing out that living our lives always comparing faith rather than living it makes for worshipers of the faith of our heroes. This blog is intended to point us to Christ and being blown away by this great salvation, seeking to live out our faith to the fullest in our unique stories of faith and love in Christ. How are we partnering with instead of competing with other believers in our towns and neighborhoods? Let’s point out each other’s strengths as we wrestle together to grasp how awesome and gracious our wonderful Savior’s work on the cross is for us who simply believe and respond in humility and deep and lasting joy!

We must be this way like Peter in 2 Peter 1:1-2. We must exhort/encourage each other daily that we don’t rival each other’s faith so much as enjoy a constant wresting between us in the joy of the Lord to outdo one another in doing good works and in showing honor!

Let’s amp it up a few notches, dear friends, focused on Jesus Christ and His gift of His righteousness to us. Let’s pour into fellowship and outreach not with our eyes on our belly buttons but rather on Christ and what He has done, Who He is to us and for us! May we celebrate this reality and Person so that our lives become consumed with living a response to Him until we meet Him face-to-face!

Enjoy worshiping the Savior and God of our souls together with other believers today!

– Torrey

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