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Francis Chan & a Good Friend of His


This is a picture of Francis Chan with one of the little friends he and his wife went to make on their 20 year anniversary trip to Africa, seeking to find out how little ones like these can be served and loved and brought to Christ and His people in tender love.

You have probably heard of him and his books Crazy Love and Forgotten God (both great books BTW). If you look him up you’ll see a life lived along with his wife and five kids aimed at Christ down here on the dirt. He planted a church in Northern California that grew to be huge. Chan has accomplished wonderful things for the glory of God. He’s become world renowned, and yet in the following message, he appeals to the reality that every believer has the same righteousness of Jesus Christ given to them. Every believer has the same opportunity to live for Christ with intensity and deep satisfaction. If we spend less time looking at our belly buttons and more time amazed by the love of Christ, we will be overwhelmed by this Savior to the point of living with absolute abandon for His pleasure, His worth, His glory.


This morning I had a strong impression that I believe is from the LORD that I am supposed to interview more people living their lives like Francis and his family, including Francis Chan and his family… at some point. With this blog, I intend to reach out to families like these who have chosen to live lives of abandon for Christ, whether that’s with official ministry activity that is branded with a particular denomination or non-profit or if that life less definable in secular terms, such as the life of the man Chan shares about in this video.

The man Chan shares about lives a life that fits the kind of life I’d like to live. He has a business that he has worked hard to build and does well with it, AND (and it’s a big AND) he spends time reaching people in desperate need and sharing the hope of Christ with them through deeds of grace and words of Gospel grace – sharing the hope of Heaven, our Savior & LORD.

I challenge each of us, most of us having less resources than either Chan or his friend, to consider how we could incrementally up our passion for Christ. How could we devote EVERY DAY to the adoration and service of Christ. It’s the least we could do after all He has done!

Let me know what you believe the Lord is showing you.

Let me know of families and individuals I can interview, no matter how “big” their acts of devotion to Christ may look to you. I want to know about their simple, pure, and devoted faith in our Savior.

Looking forward to your interviews!

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  1. If this is a good friend why did he allow him to filmed in such a manner? I would cloth my friend before taking pictures. I understand such indignities increase our compassion profiles, which works well for us but dignity fulfills a greater purpose, especially for the those who are least, last, and lost.

    • worth-while discussion question… my guess would be that it would mean more to do what they have done to get back to the states and find ways to make a true difference. Francis and Lisa have written a book called You and Me Forever and all the proceeds go back to kids and girls like this little one for not only clothing but to remove them from the sex trade. Truly inspiring.

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