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Todd Waelty – Honoring Others, Humbling Self

Todd has faithfully sought to do what God has led him to do here in Tuolumne County for several years now. God got his attention and has led him into the beauty and excellencies of Christ and Christ crucified for us. As Todd has sought to be an apprentice to Jesus Christ and follow His lead, he has been transformed by this grace.

As I read in 1 Peter 5:1-11, I couldn’t help but to think of my friend, Todd. His leadership is consistently defined by two themes in my opinion:
1) Honoring others
2) Humbling self

What would it look like for these themes to spread throughout Tuolumne County and beyond among the leaders of our local churches? I don’t presume to know exactly where every pastor/elder is at in this. Yet, I’m not only issuing a challenge to these individuals. I’m encouraging us to all together look to Jesus Christ and be refreshed. We must look to Him and find our rest and our identity as His saved people. As we do this, we effectively become leaders for one another. We challenge each other by our example to find our true and deepest satisfaction in friendship with our Savior, in worship of our God.

Todd leads our Friday morning group of leaders here in Tuolumne County, and he repeatedly challenges all of us men to remember that we too are leaders of our group of friends. We are leading one another into a place of placing our full weight upon the awesome Person of Jesus Christ for the transformation of our lives. Only in Christ can we experience deep and lasting contentment and faithfulness. In that place of rest, we find our direction as men and women, as families, as churches.

Something is brewing in this county, friends. More and more passion to see God magnified in every household is being stirred up not just in this Friday morning context but around the county. Local churches are less frequent in their critique of other local churches and neighborhoods are feeling more and more like places where community can spring up and believers can mix and mingle with their neighbors in loving and lasting ways. In this climate of hope for grace in Christ, we will see lives transformed and marriages restored. The enemy of our souls must be resisted and we must together combat our sin and the world’s lies with the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As we unite around the county around the Gospel of Jesus Christ and major on the majors so-to-speak, agreeing on the divinity and sufficiency of Christ and the primary centrality of the atoning work of Christ on the cross, we will see walls fall down and the enemy retreating. He loves seeing us fight and divide and find little petty issues to handle with ad homonim (attack the person instead of the argument). The sooner we can sort out the “minor” issues inside each local church and make less of a focus on picking the splinters out of each others’ finer points of doctrine and practice, the more we will be able to work together to worship and follow our God at every opportunity and in every neighborhood of our county.

May God be lifted higher in our estimation together. May our modus operandi be like Todd’s. May we be quick to humble ourselves and honor one another in the love of our Savior.

In His rich and full joy,

– Torrey

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