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Dennis & Ali – Ministry from the Heart of God


There are plenty of people who bear the titles of pastor and pastor’s wife, but when you meet a couple operating out of love for the Savior and from the Savior, you know you found something beautiful. Dennis and Ali serve the Chapel in the Pines church family in Twain Harte, CA, the church where I was born again as a child and where I was raised hearing the Gospel in various contexts year after year.

Last Sunday, the Germany missions trip team shared about their recent trip. Ali being a native German started off the time of sharing and Dennis having served in Germany as a pastor for decades wrapped it up. As the team shared, they over and over repeated gratitude for Dennis and Ali’s patient care and encouragement and kind leadership.

As we celebrate the strengths and experience God has given each of us, we find our sweet spots for effective care for others. Dennis and Ali have the unique ability to point their church family to a life spent well in the care for others, both the lost and found alike. Both of them are so gentle and kind in their mentoring and co-laboring, their friendships and community involvement, and their family life – something many pastors’ families don’t enjoy. Dennis doesn’t treat his position as a place from which to call down CEO orders while he sits back in his leather chair… His chair isn’t real leather by the way. As I’ve met with him and observed him and Ali interacting with the body, I’ve observed the kind of leadership my wife and I so much enjoy, humble and kind. They can call things as they see them, be honest and strong as necessary, but as the term pastor denotes, Dennis along with Ali’s wise and kind assistance, shepherds God’s people, cares for God’s people. Shepherds get down into the challenges of everyday life with their sheep. A godly pastor like Dennis gets into the hardships of peoples lives and encourages them, always aware of himself along with his family also being sheep needing the great and awesome Shepherd of our souls, Jesus Christ.

Along with Dennis and Ali and their kids, families and singles alike are joining arms around Tuolumne County to show the mighty love of God to a hurting and broken community. Community life is being restored one kind deed and word at a time. Ties between Christian friends are being restored and compassion, a mighty compassion from the Savior Himself is growing inside of us to overflow to the non-believers we befriend and draw to the Savior by our loving interactions.

Enjoy your day today, friends, and bear with each other patiently, looking to Christ and being lightened and strengthened in His joy.

– Torrey

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