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Pure Seeking of Our God and His Priorities for Us

David Meeker is a good friend of mine who lives out a pure seeking of God and His priorities for his life. At the young age of 16 he started a land-moving business with a small tractor he got a loan for with his dad co-signing. He’d earned trust with his dad and others in the community. He’d obtain jobs one by one and eventually bought up more and more equipment. In time he was able to sell the business and live off the profits to build a home for his young family and plan out what he believed God wanted him to do with his family and his vocation. The point isn’t so much his financial know-how and smarts but more his simply putting his head down, doing what he knew he could do with hard work and determination, keeping himself active in godly pursuits instead of frittering his teen years away as is our American permissiveness tendency.

I don’t share his story to make all of us feel like wastelands who didn’t financially prosper at young ages. I deeply still admire David as one of my best friends because of his continued amazement with and love for our God. His worship of God along with his kind and gracious wife, Gina, is refreshing for Carrie and I and their other close friends. As a family, they live simply focused on God and His priorities for their lives. They love showing hospitality and generosity to those God has placed in their lives, particular generosity with their time, using their free time to build in friendship between family and friends.

How we met is a must-share, just as a fun way to wrap out this post:
While Carrie and I still were living in Northern Virginia, we would fly to visit family in Clovis and Twain Harte, CA. Often we’d fly into Fresno via LAX. Well, as anyone flying into Fresno, Ca knows, the fog shut us out one Christmas season and we found ourselves stranded at the LAX airport late at night. We were told we could stay at a hotel nearby and ride a bus up or fly if the fog had cleared, or we could rent a car. Carrie and I looked around and noticed a young couple with their adorable little girl looking about as distressed and tired as we were feeling. David and I caught each other’s gaze and walked to meet and discuss this dilemma. We have been friends as couples and now with our children ever since! We arranged to drive up together through the night. David helped me stay awake and Carrie and Gina got to know each other with this sweet couple’s little daughter sleeping between the ladies.

Isn’t it so kind of God how He gives us friendships through the years? David and I stayed in regular communication for years after that and were pleased to realize we could keep up our friendship in-person when Carrie and I decided to move back to California. We take turns as families driving up and down the state to spend weekends together a couple of times a year.

Often David and I discuss the need for men to have good friendships like ours, the grace we have found in pressing one another on into seeking the heart and will of God for our lives and the life of our family as a whole. When we are together, our time usually includes a Sunday, so we will have our own little service in our home, worshiping the Lord together and taking turns sharing encouragements from God’s Word.

Thank you dear Meeker Family along with your siblings’ families and amazing parents. It’s a rare gem of an experience to know a family clan like yours seeking the heart of God and living humbly before our Holy and Gracious LORD.

Also, personally I am deeply grateful for your friendship, David.

– Torrey

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