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Our Compassionate County

Okay, so I’m partial. I seriously love my home community. Recently, my wife and I along with my parents and brother were able to be involved in the making of a 4 minute movie that is certain to go viral once publicized. It’s a movie about “loving the least of these,” but it’s very tactfully done. As a community, I’m pleased to say we all pitched in passionately to show compassion through the use of media and art. Volunteers came out of the woods… literally around here… and showed their support for reaching and helping those in lonely and sorrowful places of grief and confusion. Tonight at Calvary Chapel of Sonora, CA the cast and crew and production team and directors will all be together to screen this film for the second time ever. I can’t say how much of a joy it is to articulate that I am so proud of my home town. Each volunteer demonstrated a sampling of what we are capable of together as a community, to pull together and to show compassion.

May we continue to band together not just related the topic of this film but with regard to each other and to any we encounter in less fortunate situations of life. Mutual care and care for others together is so key to us growing in unity as a community.

I hope to see many of you at the screening of this film called Her Name Is Leah at Calvary Chapel of Sonora, CA tonight at 6pm!

In Christ,

– Torrey

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