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Giving Each Other Our NEED

Isaiah 32 really breaks down the believers’ stand to a place of dependance and humility, confession, repentance, and nobility found in admittance of our need.  Especially in the US, we have a way of living and a hope for a lifestyle that is aimed at autonomy being the ideal and dependance being an embarrassment.  Here is the rub: How do we truly connect with anyone else if being autonomous is our aim?

As we rely on the Holy God in our lives (verse 15), we find ourselves as we truly are, entirely dependent beings.  In dying and brokenness we find our courage and character.  In awe and wonder of our Savior, and in the decomposition of our pride, we discover freedom to love and serve like never before.

My good buddy and his bride, Zeke and Kayleen Delgado, serve the homeless in Sonora, CA, once a week.  Zeke shared with me that two of the most important habits that encourages these dear souls the most are as follows: (1) Sit with them and enjoy the meal with them, and (2) Remember their names.

I’m challenged by this when it comes to serving those around us – believers, non-believers, sorrowful, lonely, depressed, confused, awkward, self-confident but in their private spaces all of the above or at least not known or aware of being cherished because of insulating activities that create a picture of self-worth but more and more sow to lonely ego-building…  We all do this in some form.  We build carefully put-together displays of what we want others to perceive about us.  We self-define according to what we hope people will believe about us.  What about an abandon to God’s defining us as needy and dependent upon the Father’s love, the Savior’s sacrifice, and the Spirit’s sustaining and empowering of us as a dependent people of God?

May we as believers throughout the US in particular bend to the God of the Bible and open up to one another about our need for the Savior.  This holy vulnerability will bear much fruit and we will more and more stand in the nobility of the righteousness of our Savior instead of facades of perception.

“…he who is noble plans noble things, and on noble things he stands.”  – Isaiah 32:8

Our righteous position is a gift from Heaven, it is the righteousness of Christ placed in our lives by the Savior Himself because of His shed blood for us.  God’s Spirit has truly been poured upon us from on high, and our wilderness becomes a fruitful field!

Let’s celebrate this together, friends, as we each join our siblings in Christ in our respective fellowships today and WORSHIP THE LIVING GOD!


Much love,

– Torrey

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