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Showing Relentless Love – The Dennehy Family

The Dennehy family – Mike, Sharon, and their kids, have shown the love of Christ through full engagement with their children and with the world around them.  They have experienced the love of Christ for themselves and can’t say no now when given opportunities to show this love to others.  They have poured themselves into loving their children and bringing in more children to love on and call their own.  Please watch this very well done video about their family at least once in the next week, but ideally two or more times… It truly will impact how you look at your life.


My wife and I have some dear friends very strongly tied into the adoption and orphan care world, so we went to hear the husband, Jedd Medefind, speak at their home church in Merced, CA.  He is the head of a major adoption and orphan care ministry that serves as a sort of clearing house for this vision.  He and his bride Rachel serve thousands of adoption and orphan care ministries by keeping a clear vision of Christ in their own home (Jedd is the head of a ministry called CAFO and hosts an annual Summit where thousands of adoption and orphan care leaders from different local churches around the world come together to learn from each other and share ideas – See JEDD’s BIO).  They live with abandon before the LORD as a couple and as a family.  They have embraced the beauty that being adopted exposes us to in the love of Jesus Christ.  Yesterday, during Jedd’s Orphan Sunday sermon, he played part of this video.  My wife and I came home and watched the whole thing.  I watched it again this morning along with a few more videos about their son, George.  George and another of their adopted sons, James, especially caught my attention.  They were born without arms!  Their newest adopted daughter was born without arms and legs!  Her name is Hope.  Hope has a little foot attached to her hip with which she can swim and spin in the water.  These kids are truly refreshing to watch enjoying each other and celebrating each other and their parents and the delight of being adopted ultimately by God’s love into God’s eternal family in Christ.

We love watching videos like this and being inspired, but I want to direct our attention to something that gets us up and in action:  Holy rest and quietness in response to Jesus Christ’s death on the cross.

Why do I slow our heart’s pace with this?  We devote ourselves to causes all the time, but what about the age-old question of how does a person/family live with abandon to a few clear focuses before God?  We can only have our attention in so many directions.  There is a focus in Mike and Sharon’s gaze as you see them talk about their family.  You see how they have directed their gaze to God and loving these children, providing a home and a family, availing themselves to be all in, all there.

I’d like to challenge us to pray through our lives with those we count as our family and closest friends.  We’ve got to pray through our priorities and pick a way of loving others that we believe God is calling us to, and then we’ve got to POUR OURSELVES ALL IN and truly be ALL THERE before the LORD.

I don’t think it was an accident of the LORD’s, because it reminded me of how dependent we’ve become on our technology, but after spending all day with the Medefinds yesterday, I ended up forgetting my iphone at their home…  The more I put that thing down and look people in the eyes and CONNECT, the more alive I’m finding myself to be before the LORD.  We’ve got to disengage with all of the media inputs a little more and CONNECT with the people around us with God’s relentless love.  As we live lives in godly priority (LOVE GOD, LOVE FAMILY, FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS), we will more and more know what God has called us to and how God would like each of us to uniquely show God’s love to those God has given us to love.

We live in a world of endless options and our affections get spread like fine dust in a dying world.  What would it look like for each of us to slow our hearts before our awesome and sovereign God.  What would it look like to find our rest and peace and quietness in the presence of God’s righteousness, given to us at the cost of Christ’s death on the cross.  As we rest in this righteous, adopted, beloved position of being a blood-bought blood relative of Jesus Christ… We can’t help but to desperately and daily want to show this relentless love in the specific and consistent ways we’ve been called to…

Enjoy your day, friends!

Overwhelmed by and yet focused in on our LORD’s relentless love…  Laboring in this love with you, friends.

– Torrey


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