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Clarity of Vision

Among believers, we all have different strengths, but some activities are particularly clarifying and revitalizing. One such activity is sitting in God’s presence with His Word early in every morning as much as possible. Whether you would consider yourself a person with very much vision or not, what we can get a clear view of is Jesus Christ through all of God’s Word, seeing fresh insights and perspectives on Him and our relationship with Him every day both corporately and individually.

I’d encourage a monthly gentle re-evaluation of our “quiet time disciple life” of practicing being in God’s presence in His Word and in prayer. Semi-frequent re-evaluation of our lifestyle here is more constructive than any other self-evaluation. Here we learn where our priorities are needing realignment or where our fears are misplaced. It’s in these extra-devoted times of reading and prayer with the Lord where we enjoy deeper and deeper insights into the glories of Calvary and the excellencies of our Savior’s grace and love. We come to enjoy the love of the Father and the constant presence of the Spirit. We also experience and sweet realization that God is with us through the day and not just in that moment of devoted reading of Scripture and focused prayer. Yet, it’s this last meditation that often is used to justify less discipline and less consistency in God’s Word. What about the point that it is in God’s Word and in prayer that we receive this comfort about His constant presence and grace most consistently? Let’s not let our discipline distract us from grace but let’s also not let our view of grace cloud our realization that spiritual disciplines are also gifts from our gracious God.

Enjoy your day, friends!

– Torrey

Note: Happy BIRTH-day wishes are in order to my buddy, Thomas Atkins, who provides the photography for this blog!  Happy Birth Day today, Tom!

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