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Love Incorruptible

At the very end of Ephesians in the New Testament, we read that believers are to love Jesus Christ together with an incorruptible love. When Christ is the object of our affections, our love is more and more pure wherever we have a chance to show it, and we are ultimately showing our love for Jesus when we show love to one another as believers and show love to those who do not yet know the peace and joy and love of God in Jesus Christ.

What a hope we have in this great salvation! What a holy love of God and purifying knowledge of being loved by the holy God and died for by the Redeemer Himself. This reality softens our hearts to receive and show godly affection in friendship between each other as children of God. We submit to one another out of reverence for Christ and our tenor is more and more grace and enduring love instead of brandished rightness and argumentation.

May we soak in God’a abiding Word in the book of Ephesians, friends. May God’s priorities and attitude of grace and enduring love be more and more our modus operandi.

In His friendship,

– Torrey

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