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The Me Marriage

Shamelessly, I’ll admit that this post was inspired by Chapter 2 of the book entitled The Meaning of Marriage.  I yet again recommend it, and I’ll do so as I move through each chapter with prayers and thoughts in response.


The ME Marriage… What a danger, right?  As we live out our day-to-day whether we are married or not, don’t we so easilly lean toward an inward orientation?  We learn however with observing our Savior’s death for us that the joy set before any of us is far greater than the cheap pleasures found in taking over giving.  As we give of ourselves for the good of the other, the joy that really lasts for marriage and all other truly fruitful relationships is birthed.

Speaking of birth, now that I’m a father of a nearly two year old boy, Jackson, I’m learning so much about my selfishness all over again!  I’m also looking forward to years ahead of learning what it looks like to lay down my preferrences and dive into the joys of a life of giving.

Where have you observed a truly giving marriage?  I watched a video yesterday of one that exemplifies not only spouses being less selfish between each other but the fruit of this attitude – WATCH IT HERE.

Don’t you want this in your marriage?  Don’t you want to pour into one another, but then to pour into others TOGETHER?  Marriage is about so much more than just “me and you”… It’s about “You and Me Forever…”  It’s about “US AND THEM”…  It’s about “OUR SAVIOR AND US AND THEM FOREVER”!!!

Calm me down!  It’s so thrilling to think of the purpose of marriage, friends!  We have a Savior Who has show us God’s love in unimaginably bright colors, and now we get to show one another this love and the lost this love in the same bright colors, because we’ll constantly be referencing the LOVE OF CHRIST that controls and drives us into this lifestyle of agape love!

Father God, please teach us what this looks like, to love one another and to love others together with such a passion and consistency that it’s OBVIOUS that this love is of YOU and not our own.  You are the God of wonder and holiness, and we are completely dependent upon Your goodness.  We lean on You and we celebrate YOU together.  In Your joy, Amen!

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