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Focused Kids

Really in this day and age, in the USA, anyone from infancy to 39 could often be found still acting like a kid.  There is a lack of focus to the point of having stagnant people in a stagnant era in large part.  Forgive my harsh description, but the number of families I’m seeing fall apart around me grieves me to the point of deep sorrow.  Where do we find relief but in the steady gaze from our Savior, Jesus Christ.  He looks upon our sorrows and grief and gives us courage to focus on His holiness and perfection, next upon His cross, and finally upon the hope of joining Him for eternity to celebrate Him and what He has done for us.

Do you feel lonely in your prayer life?  Do you feel lonely in your days even though you’re surrounded by people?  Follow David’s example in 1 Samuel 30 and Psalm 40 and wait patiently for the LORD.  Remember His sufficiency to make beautiful what seems hopeless or pointless in our life.

God is softening my views and firm plans regarding my surroundings.  As I engage with old friends and aquaintences, my bucket of hopefulness is growing to large tanks.  I’m convinced God has wonderful things in store for our counties (Merced and Tuolumne).  I keep sensing that God is going to break down walls between believers first.  Yet, revival won’t be at the end of a road of renewal.  It’s going to be seen during His children’s wrestlings…  Non-believers don’t need to see perfect Christians trying to bring them into perfection.  Instead they need to see humble and broken Christians filled with joy and contentment from waiting patiently for Jesus Christ, building in their hope in Him daily.

Much love, friends.

– Torrey

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