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Diving into Relationship with One Another

For real?  We ask that in our spirit when someone seems truly whole and joyful.  Is that person te real deal or do they have a show going on for us all to see?  Find out!  Dive into relationship with them!


When we really engage with the people we encounter, we come to find everyone to be themselves if we just take the time to really build relationship and trust with them.  Asked into their space of trust, people are often warmer than we thought, even if they were warm toward us when we first encountered them.  Why did we think they wouldn’t be as warm as we found them to be?  It’s that assuming our judgment is right bit!  I have to often as God to forgive me for prideful thoughts of myself and low thoughts of others once I have done the labor of love that relationship-building can be.  Building a connection is ultimately a mercy from God because we would rip each other up if God didn’t provide the mercy.  We think such low thoughts of the general population around us when we are a part of the general population others around us are critiquing.

This morning I had to camp out in Matthew 5 and what we so often call the B Attitudes.  What I noticed was that these aren’t attitudes bet descriptions of the process He has His disciples growing in!  We are poor in spirit and we realize the unearned favor of God, that we are children of God and heirs of the kingdom of God together as those saved by the blood of Jesus.  As this occurs to us as new believers, we grow in our awe of God and are humbled time and time again, eventuay spending our efforts in this life on showing mercy to those we encounter and handling persecution with the joy set before us as Christ’s followers!

may our lives, friends, leave legacies that point to Jesus and Heaven being our hope and each other and the Spirit our traveling team as we show mercy to those we encounter together.

On the road less comfy with you, friends,

– Torrey

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