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Safe Families for Children – An Introduction

I’d like to make a brief introduction here on my blog to a ministry that demonstrates the tangible gospel of Jesus Christ to needy children and their parents. Consider watching the video on the right of the screen on THIS LINK.  I met with Kevin Borges, one of the leaders of First Baptist Church in Merced, CA where my family and I now live and where I have my insurance agency.  Kevin and I had a wonderful lunch, and he was hugely encouraging and kind in welcoming us back to Merced.

My friend, Jedd Medefind, President of CAFO – SEE LINK – introduced me to Kevin and others here in the Central Valley of California who are involved in encouraging believers to show the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are situations of real need.  Helping children and their parents when they are in a real season of crisis is a very powerful way we as believers can show the love of God in a tangible way.

I’ll write more in the coming months on this subject, but for now, I’d rather simply encourage you to watch the video I referred to at the top of this page about the woman and her children presented in the featured image of this post.

Enjoy, friends!

– Torrey


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