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YOU Are Our Shepherd, LORD

Who doesn’t want comfort and yet also a sense of purpose in this life and for the life to come?  I’m finding that encouragement for believers in Jesus and those open to considering faith in Him is my calling.  I’m not real bright or impressive or worthy of being read as a writer according to my own estimation, but I am consistently encouraged by people and my our Lord that my calling is to be an encourager.  So, I hope to make this blog more and more consistently a place where you, my readers, can be encouraged as often as you’d like.  Please don’t judge me for typically not touching on real controversial topics here.  Jesus and God’s Word do that on their own with perfection, and, it’s my belief that finer points of doctrine and thought should be worked out in homes and workplace and marketplace and community environments.  Some blogs are also good places for dialogue on more controversial topics, but this blog will generally be more oriented around orthopraxy, our faith in Jesus lived out in day to day life, as well as orthodoxy as our relationship with Jesus as individuals and families and communities shows up to spur us on to love and good deeds.  I hope to frequently camp out on topics related to Christian activism in domestic and international society.  Long-term, I’d like to interview members of movements that are making a real difference for the poor, lonely, dejected, hurting, abused, and oppressed.

May we today remember those who do not have daily relative comfort to go about their daily activities.  For these, it is a major task just to get through the day, let alone to accomplish something “noteworthy”.  We like to highlight in TED Talks and elsewhere folks who are overcoming the odds of their disabilities and making lemonade out of lemons so-to-speak.  Today, I want to highlight the people who support those in difficult life situations.  These are just as wonderful to highlight.  Anyone who devotes all or a portion of their life to helping others who are less fortunate… These “helps ministries members” we could call them are who we should all be to some extent.  We love to compartmentalize our lives, which can be healthy, but let’s remember how weary those in pain and constant hurt or discomfort or in extra trying circumstances are.

The Savior turned to such souls with His entire person and highlighted them, honored them, in fact calling them his children and family.

YOU, Oh LORD, are our Shepherd.  Please use us to be extensions today of your grace to those less fortunate.  May we not despise helping those who can’t sing our praises or tell others of what we have done for them.  May we look to live lives where we let encouragement for what we do come mainly from You in our prayer closets.  Our faithfulness is first and foremost a response to Jesus’ death for us.  You are ultimately the One caring for these precious souls through us.  Thank You for Your Holy Spirit, Oh God!  We are humbled to be carried along by You and sustained and used of God to do great things for those less fortunate as long as we walk this earth.

Friends, let’s follow the Master’s example and serve and love our neighbors as our best way of showing our growing love for our Amazing God!

In His grip,

– Torrey

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