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Enjoy Comfort and Pleasure Prayers

I sat with some friends yesterday who showed me the husbands’ medical bill totalling nearly $900,000.00.  We spoke of the grace of God being like the insurance company’s paying off of that bill and His mercy being seen in this man’s life preserved due to this procedure.  If it weren’t for this treatment, he wouldn’t have been sitting there with me.  It would have only been his widow.  Instead, they were there and well together.  They care for their granddaughter who wouldn’t have the both of them alive as her known parents if God hasn’t spared this man’s life.  Too often we pray for ourselves to be okay or thank God for preserving us because of our own safety and comfort and continuance in this life for our own personal pleasures.  What about being in awe of God so much that we wish we could be with Him in His eternal presence as Paul explained in God’s Word.  It is on the other’s account that it is good for us to still be alive and present, not so much for our earthly needs and wants.  God mercifully keeps us alive so we are available to show His mercy and grace to one another and to those who do not yet know the Savior.

May our prayers demonstrate this eternal rest with our Savior that we look forward to, dear friends.  May we more often be so caught up in love for our God and Savior that we can spend some of our prayer time each day simply at rest in His sovereign presence and affection for us.  This trust in and enjoyment of Him is available to us and gives us the strength we need to be supports to others, encouragers and consistent givers of grace.

Thanks goes out to my friends who sat with and encouraged me yesterday to remember God’s purposes of showing grace to those in need through us as believers as long as we walk this earth.  I admire you two!  Love your little one and show God’s grace to all you encounter as you’re already doing.

In God’s joy and sovereign grace,

– Torrey

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