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GOOD News Wins

The picture I chose for this post is of my grandparents on my Dad’s side.  Harold and Shanna Moe, whom we called as their grand kids, “Popop and Nonie,” were good news people.  They had an imperfect marriage and lived in imperfect times of tight times and trying circumstances.  They had three sons who made their own mistakes and had imperfect kids themselves who all had their own/our own challenges.  Yet, at the end of the day as Popop used to say, “Keep looking up!”

Our media is packed with negativity.  Why?  It sells.  My wife and I started out our morning before getting into our devotions with God with me asking what she thought about this theme for a post.  She agreed that we fester on bad news as humanity.  We soak there and somehow expect to have healthy conclusions.  You only get the first third of the story when you watch the news or have your head aimed at observing your circumstances.  We have a Savior Who came to us through really uncomfortable and unlikely circumstances.  I read about Tamar and Judah this morning in Genesis 40.  What an amazing Savior we follow, family of God!  We look to Jesus Who’s heritage from an earthly blood line came through prostitutes of one kind or another twice (Rahab and Tamar).

The lives of those God touches often don’t look like places where good news will get to show up!  We often look more like where negative statistics for humanity are derived from as opposed to what God sees as perfect soil for growing us children of the Living God!

Father, thank You for planning us into history as Your children bought with the blood of Jesus.  Whether our lives feel like good news lives or not, we know that at the spirit and eternal levels of things, which matters most, we have this sure hope in Jesus Christ.  We celebrate and are caught up in love for You, God!

Now, may we look around us and show this good news attitude to a hurting and dejected world.  May we stop making our highest prayers for the popular and pretty.  May we look for those who know their need is great and show them the love of the Savior as He would have us do until His return.

Much love, friends!

– Torrey

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