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Jim at the Nickel Arcade – Encountering Kids for Christ

As I went around town yesterday introducing myself as a business owner, I met Jim at Merced’s Nickel Arcade next to Save Mart off of G Street and Olive.  Jim’s joy in the Lord was obvious right off, and we talked with much joy about the opportunity we have here in Merced to share the love of Christ.  His work at the Nickel Arcade is so unique to him, so perfect as a way to show the love of Christ to the children of our community.  He has lived in Tuolumne County as well and has been a believer since 2008.  He goes to Creekside Community Church on G Street and shared of how he’s been discipled and drawn into a deeper and deeper love for Jesus.  He said, “I feel stronger every year in the LORD.  I keep thinking it can’t be possible, but I feel stronger every year.”

It was really refreshing to see someone really embracing their role in our community in the work force, seeing how they can love on the lost and found alike through what they do as a profession.  We talked about how it takes wisdom to know when it’s okay to share your faith in your work place.  This really takes discernment.  Most of the time, it’s simply saying, “God bless,” and people know he’s a believer or at least wonder.  That’s how I knew and started asking him about his story of encountering Christ.

Dear friends, let’s live out our faith in every context, and let’s appreciate how we can share the love of Christ in our workplaces in particular.  Jim takes care of the arcade machines and the kids notice it.  He told one story of a little boy thanking him for taking care of the arcades and giving him a big hug.  He said that was worth a week’s wages right there.

It’s such a great opportunity to encounter Christ, when we seek to encounter those God puts in our path with the love of Christ.  God meets us then and there in very unique ways.

Much love, friends,

– Torrey

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