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Being Noticed

California, probaly more than anywhere in the US, has a culture of deep desire for being noticed, for one reason or another.  As I worked out at the gym today, I thought about that and how people look around in a way that shows a desire for affirmation.  You wonder if we’re all thinking as we walk from machine or workout station to station, “I hope people can tell I’m in pretty decent shape for my age…”  Maybe that’s what I was thinking?  Maybe?  Well, my gut isn’t as non-existent as I’d prefer and I’ve lost more hair than I’d prefer, and I really wish I had some kind of tan or pigment to my skin… Who bleached me?!

It’s not just the gym either, but that’s certainly a place where you can sense this desire to be noticed.  Another place is around town or on-line… Oh, guilty of on-line!  Look at me!  Posting a second time here on my blog in one day on my lunch break.  I’m right there, wondering if I’ll be noticed by not just readers but people who will promote my writing!  Now that would be so cool!  Oops, here I go, desperate cries for attention.

So, what about the audience of One reminder?  What about the reminder that the One Whose thoughts of us matter most is least often Who we’re mindful of so often?  Oh, that we would turn our hearts toward Heaven and find our deepest sense of belonging and being attended to in the LORD of our souls, Jesus Christ Himself.

May we remember that He is attentive to our every need.  He is mindful of our trials and sorrows, our joys and successes, and He in fact is the Crafter of our lives!  He is intimately aware of and involved with the details of our lives.  What a wonder and refreshing reality, friends!

Enjoy the 2nd half of your day!

Known by the LORD and so elated to be able to make Him known!

– Torrey

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