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God’s Not Dead – Movie Review

My wife and I enjoyed watching the movie entitled God’s Not Dead last night.  These explicitly Christ-oriented movies are strangly easy to critique, both for non-believers and believers.  Why is that?  Maybe because things are clear and cleanly presented and this offends our desire for truth to be disguised?  I don’t think that’s entirely it, but there is something good in our struggle with such an explicitly Christian film.  The genuine believer knows that for the most part our presentation of the Gospel isn’t this direct or transactional.  I will say, however, that we definitely enjoyed the film and were refreshed by the explicit reminders of where the Gospel of Jesus Christ can show up in every realm of life.

Just like in the film, we all have more frequent opportunities to touch people’s lives where maybe a pastor or missionary get a more quick resistance.  I’ll admit that I cried this morning thinking about the pastor and missionary and student in the film.  At first, I was struggling yet again with feeling like I’ve let God down somehow by not becoming a pastor in the overt sense over the last year and a half effort of investigating a possible church plant to Twain Harte, CA.  I cried too as I thought about my desire to be a missionary.  God definitely spoke to me in that still small voice of reminding me through the film…  The student was the one who shared the Gospel most vividly with those, like the pastor pointed out, who would never set themselves inside the four corners of a God-oriented local church.  The student was the perfect person to address his fellow students and to speak into the angry heart of the professor who was opposing God ultimately.

It’s no small thing for us, friends, to be faithful to caring for those God has placed in our lives, having them into our homes for meals, spending time with them and getting to know them.  As we do this, God opens our hearts and theirs to fresh encounters with the Redeemer Himself.  Jesus loves to show up in our genuine engagements with those He has planned to be in our lives.

So grateful for exactly where God has placed you and me in this world, dear reader.  Let’s keep finding the Gospel of Jesus Christ showing up here on the ground with God and Heaven in our hearts!

In His friendship,

– Torrey

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