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Our Spiritual Tipping Point and Christian Activism

After spending more time praying over Isaiah 58, I’m convinced we could experience this “Tipping Point,” to borrow a term from a popular business book in Merced and Tuolumne Counties and beyond.  Christian activism is detailed in Vanishing Grace by Philip Yancey as the single most impactful way believers can reach the lost in the name of Christ.  When we are leading the way to reach and care for those in need, non-believers can’t help but to be interested in knowing our driving purpose – the love of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.  The more genuinely we are loving on those in need and showing them the love we know in God’s grace, the more and more rich our own experience of grace becomes.  And, in this active, living out our faith life of dependence upon and love for our God, we become more and more impactful and impacted in this GRACE OF GOD.

God’s grace, in the true story of Jesus’ death for us as sinners in need of a Savior… This grace changes everything!

I could write on so many topics around this, but today I simply wanted to re-state that from our weak and small human perspective, we can grow in our faith and hope and above all love as we choose to give and serve those who can’t give us anything in return except for thanks from time to time.  This is counter-intuitive in some ways.  One would think you need to rub shoulders with all the powers that be to make a movement happen, but it is the other way around really, if we really want to experience this spiritual tipping point so-to-speak.  To really see a movement happen spiritually-speaking, we as believers must engage with and love and enjoy those who can’t give us anything in return.  There, in those relationships, we find that we encounter the face of Jesus the most often.  Our joy deepens and our genuine hope in Christ deepens, and we gain attitudes that are from God Himself.  We gain a fresh perspective on what matters most in life and for eternity.

Feel free to email me with your stories or call 209-352-5552 to schedule a coffee time to share your stories.  I’d like to eventually have more stories than ideas here on this blog.  Ideas are powerful, especially truths from God’s Word and the Gospel of Jesus, yet true stories of God’s impact on our lives… these stories show us how God’s truth imacts us.  These stories spread the word even faster than nice ideas put out here day after day.  Our shared engagement with Christ, shared with each other and the lost, makes there be skin in the game so-to-speak.


– Torrey

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