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No One Can Take MY JOY

My son is always saying “Mine/My” about basically everything he runs into in life.  One thing I’m learning to be this possessive about is MY JOY.  This joy was given to me when I realized the promise of eternal life in Jesus Christ.  It’s only grown ever since, and I am increasingly convinced that no one can take my joy away.  How can I be so confident?  No matter where I’ve made mistakes or let people or myself down, God has lifted my chin and looked me in the eyes with His eyes of love and forgiveness.  He has taken me up in His grip and taught me of HIS JOY, His eternal love, His everlasting kindness.  We all have this joy who have placed our trust in the Person and Work of Jesus Christ.  In this Master’s path, we encounter one another and the lost with a new resolve to know God by knowing His joy to serve instead of hurt, give instead of take, and find our deepest pleasures in the will of the Father.

Loving God and loving one another.  It’s as simple as that in response to what Jesus has done for us on the cross of His passion.

As we grow into daily simple obedience, our joy only increases all the more.  As if it wasn’t enough that we are justified in God’s sight.  God in the Person of the Holy Spirit engages with us and makes Himself known to us through our acts of love.  We are sanctified in God’s presence and through His Word and His people.

Year by year our joy increases, and NO ONE CAN TAKE OUR JOY.

In His JOY,

– Torrey

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