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Bunch of Dudes and Lumber in the Road

Too cool today.  I was out doing my goofy unicycling marketing around town for my business, and I came to the intersection in Merced where the Mall and Target neighbor up, right by Panera and Chipotle.  A Lowes truck had lost a good portion of its lumber load all over the side of the intersection closes to Panera Bread.  I hopped off and started helping and noticed I knew one of the Lowes guys.  We were chatting and catching up while we all stacked the lumber off of the road so he and his co-worker could fork lift the wood back onto the truck.  It was too cool how guys kept pulling their trucks over and jumping out to help.  Then a real nice guy came out of Panera Bread, got his cloves from his car trunk and started helping as well.  We all talked about how stuff like this happens and enjoyed working together.

Imagine if more dudes jumped into community life like this where we see concerns.  To be honest, it’s not unusual to see plenty of ladies jumping in with sleeves rolled up to serve and help where needs are deep and hearts are wounded.  Imagine if more men stepped up and served where needs run deep.

Having just been at part of the Promise Keeper’s weekend in Stockton on Friday, my passion is extra high for seeing men involved in demonstrating the love of our Savior.  Let’s roll up our sleeves and get our backs sore together.  It’s great times and a great way to build friendships.  It’s crazy how quickly guys bond if they are serving together, much more quickly than watching football or going to movies with the guys.  Let’s not be spectators in our faith, but let’s be proactive and be showing initiative in the love of our God.  This is the least we can do in response to what our Savior has done for us on the cross.  God, in love, has sought us out and shown us amazing compassion.  Let’s be His tools to do the same in this town and around the world.

Enjoying His agenda of showing grace in Christ,

– Torrey

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  1. Reading this piece reminded me of Luke 10:25-37; but I don’t recall anything about the Samaritan riding up on a unicycle — nor were there any forklifts involved in the version I’ve heard.

    But the message remains the same, doesn’t it?

    Go and do likewise.

    • David, I’ve so enjoyed our friendship. Let’s keep it up! Maybe this will be one format as well as SKYPE! Heard you talking about that with May yesterday, so let’s try it out sometime. It is a cool tool. Actually, even easier is Facetime on our iphones/ipads. Challenging and enjoyable conversations have been had and more will be had I’m sure. Here here on your comment here… “Go and do likewise”

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