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What does it mean to be a courageous leader in anything?  C.S. Lewis talks about it in Chronicles of Narnia when he describes a king bold to enter battle first, be the last one out of the battle, and to be the one laughing the loudest at the end of it all.  Isn’t this the case for King Jesus when it comes to the battle against sin and Satan?  At the end of the battle of all time to kill sin and eternally lock up the enemy of our souls, Satan himself, Jesus will be laughing the loudest.  Lewis does such a great job describing the joyful God I’ve come to celebrate as my very own God, the One Who rescued me from the sin and separation from God that I deserve.  Our God is truly all-satisfying and enjoyable, and He has no anxiety about the future or how we might wander from Him.  He seeks us out, looks us in the eyes spiritually-speaking, and one Day He will look us in the eyes in every sense of the word… And, we who have repented and believed in His sufficiency, the sufficiency of Jesus’ death and life as our very own… We will look God square in the eyes on that Final Day, and we will give testimony that Jesus is our sufficiency, our only hope, our all-in-all, and we will magnify the Lord for all eternity. What a Joyous God we serve.  Thanks goes to my friend Kevin for telling me about this C.S. Lewis quote this morning.  I am grateful for our friendship, Kevin!  Let’s fight on in the joy of the Lord and celebrate Him together. In God’s awesome might and joy, – Torrey

VLOG entry for the day on YouTube.  Enjoy! MY COMMUTE… ON A UNICYCLE.

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  1. I have an idea for your logo: how about a knight (in armor, with a jousting lance)…riding a unicycle instead of a traditional mighty steed? The knight could have his visor open, revealing a face resembling your own… And you could incorporate some kind of symbol — on the armor or on a banner attached to the lance — that calls attention to your message/brand.

    • Nice. I like it, David! Thanks! Hey, the whole VLOG idea was yours, so why not this one?! What you’re suggesting could be my Gravatar symbol in the blogger world = )

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