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Poison on the Path, but Flowers and Rivers Mainly

My family and I have been having some fun in the outdoors lately.  On Monday we headed up Hwy 140 toward Yosemite and headed out about a mile and back on the Hite Cove trail near Yosemite National Park.

It was so beautiful!  Check out the YOUTUBE VIDEO HERE if you’d like a look around – VBLOG Entry number two.

As we hiked, I noticed how the poison oak along the path was our main irritant, for all of us.  We made our way along and had to pay careful attention to where we stepped, even though the path was very clearly marked.  The poison oak aside, we really enjoyed the views of the river and the flowers and beautiful sky, and one another’s company above all.

This may be a stretch, but the illustration reminds me of God’s wisdom in Philippians 1-3.  Our primary hope throughout this life is that we wouldn’t lose sight of the One Who never loses sight of us, the God of the Bible.  He carefully observes our journey in this life and gives us so much to enjoy.  He simply reminds us, like my wife did for all of us, “Avoid that.  Don’t touch that.  Watch out for that.  Don’t let that touch you.”  The rest of the time was absolutely beautiful, though hot and dry and a little risky.photoOne of the most dangerous poisons we can encounter is unbelief in the God of the Word.  God has given us His Word to soak in and enjoy every day.  He has given us the opportunity to enjoy the flowers of grace in this life, the river of His holy presence and promises (Jer 2:17), and to enjoy the hope of His Son.  May our faith be a faith of affection toward the risen and living Jesus Christ and His death for us and life given to us.  We have life because of His death.  We can rise up and walk this path no matter how narrow or steep at times, and we will enjoy it much more the more we avoid the poison of unbelief.

Much love, friends,

– Torrey


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