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Hospitality Pointing to Heaven

Had to re-post this… Came to mind today for some reason. Enjoy!

Grounded Gospel

There is this woman who serves coffee at Starbucks in the Junction in Sonora. I don’t even know her name – unfortunately forgot it, but I’m sure I’ll meet her and probably post about her again along the way. She shared her story at the pregnancy center banquet in Sonora. Made all of us cry. God rescued her from an attempted abortion of her life while in the womb, and her aunt became her mom. She now has a lovely family and is a vibrant part of our community. This lovely sister in Christ is a modern day Nehemiah. She’s a cup bearer for the community of Tuolumne County.

I don’t think she’ll mind me calling her a “girl”. In California we call men “guys” and ladies “girls”. Actually, we just call everyone “guys” if in a group. But, who’s keeping track.

So, this girl serves coffee to our community…

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