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Dear Christian, Don’t Inoculate Me to the Gospel

Dear Christian,

May we live lives that SHOW and then SHARE instead of sharing and that’s it.  When a believer is genuinely engaging with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, his or her life is consistently being transformed by Jesus.  When we merely tell one another and the non-believers in our lives WHAT to “believe” but aren’t first SHOWING EACH OTHER AND THE NON-BELIEVER HOW we believe, we are inoculating each other and non-believers to the Gospel. LINK TO DEFINITION OF “INOCULATE” – PRESS HERE.  This is a hard word, but it’s a truth from observation and from non-believing friends of mine sharing this with me repeatedly.  We as believers should be ACTING on what we know to be true and experience daily growth in not only our faith and hope but our LOVE of God and people.

That’s all for today.  Enough of me telling us anything at all for this morning.  Time to SHOW the favor of our awesome God, and then gently share His gracious Gospel message inside of trusting relationships.

In His steadfast love,

– Torrey

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  1. This is a sobering word, brother. We all have a choice to make. Will we settle for knowing ABOUT God, or will we give ourselves to the process of truly knowing Him? Knowledge without relationship reduces God to information, which can deceive us into thinking that the possession of information is actually the same as laying hold of transformation. If we are going to influence the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we must offer them a relationship, a knowledge of God that is based on encountering Him and not just stocking up information about Him. As you pointed out, we can only do this by becoming living testimonies of Christ; the kind of testimony that is so authentic that people want to hear all about it.
    You model this concept well, Torrey. When I think back through the years that I have known you, I can honestly say that I have seen you place a high priority on showing people Jesus.
    Blessings my friend. 🙂

    • Daniel, you too, dear friend! It’s such an adventure to know our God. He makes Himself SO KNOWABLE and presents us with His promises and His presence at every turn. You’re such a passionate and courageous and joyful friend, Daniel. Keep up your ministry and know that I have your back in prayer. Laboring with you in the love our Redeemer in the decades to come, God’s-restraining-of-His-return-willing… = ) We long together, I know, to see many in Tuolumne County come to not only repent of their sin but to BELIEVE with all they are in the all-satisfying Savior we follow and love with all we are!

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