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Connected to Jesus at the Hip

There is nothing the genuine believer in Jesus wants more than to walking in lock-step with His joyous and passionate way of reckless love for believer and lost alike.  I read both in 1 Chron 11 and in Matthew 10 today, as well as Psalm 8.  This was my “assigned reading” so-to-speak, but all three passages tied so perfectly together.  David’s mighty men are described as are Jesus’ mighty men we could call them, the now thought of apostles of the eternal church of God, besides Judas.  Paul came in later of course as one of the apostles, and arguably the most influential, particularly on gentiles.  My prayer for believers as I get up from my quiet time to face another day of “Lord-willing… thus and so…” moments, is this, “Oh God, please help us believers through Your Holy Spirit to lead so heavily on You for wisdom and direction, that each moment feels like a moment when we are joined at the hip to Jesus, truly following His lead through the Holy Spirit and Your Word and faithful, trusting co-laboring with other followers of Jesus.  May we run in Your joy and obey Your promptings and be teachable and deeply loving with every motion.”

Much love your way, friends!

– Torrey

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