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Body Life – 24/7

What would it look like if God’s kids touched down into one another’s lives creatively and consistently in each community in love?  What would it look like for these same kids to labor together in the love and passion of Jesus Christ to share the hope we have in the death of King Jesus to give sinners sainthood for eternity?

My prayer this morning for one of my brothers in Christ over his marriage and parenting and ministry through his care for his family and co-workers and clients… This prayer time woke up my prayers for the broader Christian community in central and Northern California in particular.  We must take God at His Word and love one another with brotherly/sisterly/sibling affection, outdoing one another in showing honor!

We have the opportunity to regularly build one another up as the body of Christ and to go out together from our safe gatherings to a hurting world, showing the unearned, deep, and powerful favor (grace) of God!

Praying particularly over Merced County this morning.

Much love, friends,

– Torrey

P.S. This photo is from a recent adventure of meeting some new friends and sharing life along our ride.

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