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Useful Calm in Wicked Storms

Let us call it what it is, utter wickedness.  Anyone or anything set up against God and His children is either intentionally or unintentionally definable as opposed to God, which is the very core of ultimate disobedience.  God is just and perfect in righteousness, truth, love, grace, favor-showing, mercy, and GLORY.  God, the God of His WORD is HOLY.  There is a calm that the disciple of Jesus can know in the storms of his or her own wickedness, let alone the wickedness of the worldliness or even Satanic influences very near and very dangerous for us all.

Where is this calm found?  In confession and humility, in meditation on the death and blood of Jesus, in bold holdings-onto the promise of the Holy Spirit even more present and powerful by far than any vileness we wrestle with/against.

“The LORD redeems the life of his servants; none of those who take refuge in him will be condemned.”

  – Psalm 34:22

May our joy, dear believer, be found and fed in the presence of the One God, the Godhead Himself.  As we encounter the Living God and celebrate Who He reveals Himself to be in Hos Word, we are caught up to a place of calm no matter our mad our behavior may appear to those around us.  This passage was written just after David had purposely acted like a madman to escape the grip of the enemy of God’s people at that time.  We will appear small and foolish at times to those we encounter, but may God use our weakness to bring us into places we couldn’t otherwise walk, opening doors for ministry and guiding us into friendships that God uses for His purposes.  The Spirit of our Living God cannot be controlled by the rulers or leading voices of this world.  Our God is not nervous like we tend to be, and He directs out steps no matter how unguided we think they are.

Holy God, may Your children take their steps more and more in the fear and love of You.  May our behavior be a simple following of Jesus into places we didn’t know we could walk or influence.  You are perfect in Your directing of our daily steps.  We love and submit to You with ever-deepening joy in Your Person and Your work for Your glory and Your children’s good. 

Amen in Christ!

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