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The Highest Educator

Periodically I consider going for my master’s degree in either business or biblical studies (Counseling or M Div).  Yet, at this point I see the school of life and lots of reading along the way as so fruitful and rewarding, that I can’t imagine stepping away from it all to go for any of these degrees of interest.  As we sit in the presence of the Living God daily in His Word, there is immense depth of wisdom and love to be known from Him, free of charge and with a completely full heart.  All humanity has this Highest Educator available to them to learn under, but even more importantly, we have Him as our God to worship and enjoy.  Never can we know a Being so untouchably awesome in one respect and so tenderly near and attentive and personal in another respect!  No one else in all existence is both infinitely holy and perfectly present for His children.

May our adoration and awe ever increase dear friends as we continue to strive and wrestle through this life.  May we do well and follow in lock-step with the Spirit’s promptings as we encounter the Holy God in His Word and in our daily lives.

May we know the joy of pure dependence upon the finished work of  Jesus on the cross.  There is no other message that opens our hearts so wide so as to encounter the living God in all of His favor and joy for an eternal celebration of the eternal Being of God! He is the I Am after all!

Sharing in His joys with you, dear siblings in Jesus Christ!

– Torrey

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