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Risk and Safety for Young Families

As a young family, my wife and I feel we have both the energy to take risks for the glory of God and yet the need to be good stewards of the life of each family member in our care.  We have our son and have had other daughter/son types in our home, and Lord-willing will care for many more in our home.  So, as we consider moving into a lower cost apartment arrangement to save money but also to be more incarnational in our “family on mission” lifestyle, we have been torn between two very different apartment complexes here in Merced. At this point we have settled on the safer if the two partly because our ministry is not just to our neighbors but also to those we host.

We are excited about our transition to apartment living for a season at least.  It will be special to be a part of a community where we will intersect with our neighbors more frequently.  There will be a community pool there too, so I hope to lead a time of biblical encouragement and prayer out in that common area on a semi-frequent basis, creating an invite list as I learn of those who are interested in attending. This will help us to encourage one another on to love and good works for each other as well as the other members of our community believers or not.

Please pray for us as we make this transition most likely.  We love our home here in Merced, and it will always be a special building to us.  However, we have always said that “home” is wherever we are together.

In Christ,

– Torrey

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