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Faith, More Riveting than Fiction

“riveting” defined: completely engrossing; compelling 

Faith in the eternal God of the Bible is more riveting for our souls than the best intense fiction we could pick up or watch in the cinema.

Reading through Hebrews 11 this morning held my attention and reminded me of the real stories glimpsed there as well as what the chapter is encouraging the genuine follower of Jesus onward to do… To follow Christ with an all-in and all-there full hope and faith in Jesus.  As we place our trust in this King of Glory, the perfect God of the Bible, our faith grows but so does our LOVE for this redeeming and steadfastly loving God.  We also find ourselves having faith for others in our lives as well as confidence in addressing our prayers to God on their behalf, and our behavior for the good of others begins being more sincere and consistent, more strategically aimed at demonstrating the love of CHRIST to them, because it is Jesus Christ Whom we are actually following together as believers in the final analysis.

Stepping out in this love-growing faith with you all today!

Enjoy your morning, siblings and soon-to-be siblings in Christ!

– Torrey

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