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Mordecai-like Guys in Your Life

This morning I read about Mordecai in the story of Esther with a special attention on his genuine love for his daughter-like cousin.  That’s right, before ever unofficially adopting Esther by taking her under his roof and caring for her as his own daughter for life, Mordecai and Esther were already cousins!  See chapter two, verse seven.  This doesn’t for sure mean they were closer in age than parent-children typically are, but it definitely increases the chances of this being the case.  At any rate, Mordecai had familial and paternal love for Esther that is deeply moving and inspiring.

Imagine men showing this kind of care for the young women under their watch.  Once she was out of his home, he showed even daily concern for her welfare.

My prayerful response personally is to more intentionally watch out for and pray for my wife of course but also the young men and women God has given me to disciple and press toward full discipleship to Jesus! Our deepest joys aren’t found in the arms of our spouse, nor at any time are these joys found in the care of our parents. Esther found that Mordecai was consistent in His fatherly love to the end that she would press on to know the King of kings.  He demonstrated sacrificial love, and He risked his life not just to check on her daily even though he was hated by the king’s right-hand man; Mordecai demonstrated sacrificial love for the children of God, the Jews.  He even discipled Esther at the height of her influence to follow his example and to prize the people’s good over her personal fame and safety!

Imagine this kind of fathering and mentoring in the body of Christ today, friends! May we inspire one another to know Christ intimately through His Word and Spirit and through godly risk-taking and demonstrations of sacrificial love not just for our children and mentees but through discipling them to join us in reckless demonstrations of the relentless love of Jesus Christ shown ultimately to all who believe when Jesus died for us!

Much love, friends!

– Torrey

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