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Worship in the Quiet Places

Our days are full, friends, and if we aren’t careful, our worship in the quiet places will be a worship of things.  What do we meditate on in the quiet places of our souls?  If we are intentional and conscious of God’s providence and amazing grace shown to us in Christ, we will lean into the Holy Spirit and celebrate God’s presence and promises in the quiet places of our souls.  We will recognized the One Who truly deserves our attention and admiration, and there in His presence and promises, our pleasure will increase.  In this place of true and lasting pleasure, our passion for the glory of God will increase.

Why wouldn’t we want nearness to a God Who carries us through the fearsome quiet places of our soul’s laborious struggles.  This God is near to us no matter the struggles of our souls.  Psalm 44 ministered to me this morning as I meditated on the reality of God’s steadfast love.

May our response to God’s steadfast love be our worship of God in the quiet places of our days and nights.  So many of my dearest and closest friends share that they struggle to engage with God in these moments themselves, but the comfort for us all is that God makes Himself available to us no matter how consistently we make ourselves attentive to Him.  He consistently loves us and seeks us out in His Word and through His Spirit and people.  May we celebrate His grace on moment at a time until we see God in His perfection in eternity.

In His joy,


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