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Rain Fly

What does a bloke like me say to explain my profession?  My first profession is my profession of Jesus Christ as my ALL-IN-ALL, my EVERYTHING, my physical and eternal understanding of the Triune God of the Bible.  I will profess Jesus’ eternal existence and eternally sufficient death on my behalf until the day I meet Him face-to-face.

My next profession is that I am and ever will be as long as I have air to breathe a one woman man, the devoted husband to Carrie Jane Moe, the love of my life.  I seek to love and lead Carrie with all I am, growing day to day to put to death my selfishness and pride and sinfulness and to love my wife with all I am.

The more passionately and consistently I live out these two first loves, these to professions, the more impactful my fathering, friending, and community benefit efforts will be.  Through these “secondary professions” Jesus should be seen through my conduct and then my words.  Much of my conduct personally is verbal.  It’s just who I am.  Much of what I get done is with my mouth or through some other form of communication.  Fortunately, I do get to do acts of mercy pretty frequently in the course of my work and personal life; I simply seek to inter-work these with the other activities of my life, and God works it out pretty well.  My hope is to simply wait on Him and not over-extend in any area, remembering that I’m not Jesus Himself, but rather just one of His disciples demonstrating His awesome kindness moment-by-moment.

Now, getting to the meaning of Rain Fly.  I believe God has called me to the ministry of being an insurance agent.  I do a lot more than insurance in my “profession” but that is the bread and butter of what I do.  Through this profession, I am able to be a tent maker like our dear leader and mentor the Apostle Paul of the New Testament.  It’s my joy to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the community of Merced, CA free of charge.  Because of the mobile aspect of my role as a sole proprietor business owner, I’m out and about around town quite often.  As such, I get to meet people of all walks of life.  The homeless brother or sister is just as dear to me as the CEO who nearly cries with passion to live all-in for Jesus in every part of his life.  No matter the conversation, I know the Holy Spirit is guiding my conversations and giving me the opportunity to navigate to key conversations where I can introduce the hope of Jesus Christ in the course of genuine friendship/relationship.

My tent-making is more like rain fly making than tent-making though.  Insurance should be offered more than sold, and it is a protection that God in His wisdom has provided men and women with the wisdom to invent.  It’s a tool that we can use if we’d like to “keep the rain out” so-to-speak.  I don’t build homes or repair your roof, but I’m more than happy to make sure your rain fly is in good order.  That’s my illustration, and I’m sticking to it.  It’s taken me some time to really own what lay ministry looks like, and the Apostle Paul has been my favorite case study.  Over the course of 2015, tent-making has really come to life for me.  I absolutely love my professions, at every level.  I love being a believer in Jesus Christ, and that profession of faith impacts and informs all of my other professions.  I am a loving husband to Carrie Moe and a loving father to my son Jackson and our likely-to-be daughter to be born in March, 2016.  I am an insurance agent who loves the members of my community and wants them to know the love of Jesus far more than to be properly insured.  Being properly insured is a big deal, but it’s temporary and ultimately skin-deep compared to being properly assured of your salvation through Jesus Christ’s death for you.

My prayer over my lunch break today is that I could positively influence men and women in the community of Merced and beyond to see our professions this way.  I don’t have the gold nugget counsel for every professional as far as how they can view their occupation as a tent-making opportunity, but I hope to live out an example of what I’m describing here.  My hope is to model this through the years and in time equip people to do this more and more along with me.  I’m nothing special… though I am one of the King’s kids…  But so are you if you’ve placed your hope in Jesus!  Let’s sit in the presence of our Father content and rested regarding our identity every day.  In that place of calm, we can see clearly enough to see the path God has for us for each day.  May we more and more run in the way of His favor with His smile on our faces, dear siblings in Jesus!

In His love,


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