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RIP Torrey Moe Online Activity for Six Months

It could be some statement I’m trying to make about this or that, but honestly, I’m simply seeking to be more present for my Lord, my bride, my children, my neighbors, my clients, and my friends.

It will be nice to literally have no online updating or “likes” or consumption so-to-speak.  In no way am I seeking to make a statement about what anyone else should do, nor am I seeking to argue that this is a must even for me.  I’m not “addicted to the web” nor anything on the web.  By God’s grace I’ve really enjoyed a lot of self-discipline to not be on the web that much, but I have started to do some inventory on my time-use, and I simply need the time I spend “broadcasting” our lives and my thoughts… I need that time for those I see and know in-person.

I’ll miss getting to see what my many friends are up to around the world, and relatives, but I look forward to more intentional phone calls, FaceTime updates, and the like throughout the remainder of 2016.  Otherwise, I look forward to getting back “on-line” in 2017 but hopefully with all the more intentionality having been formed in my in-person relationships.

Much love to you all.

Torrey Moe

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