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She Died in My Sight

Three generations were present in two women sitting directly next to me.  One young expecting mother gripped her stomach as she winced in a fearful pain – less of a physical pain and more of an emotional and fearful pain.  She looked at me and would not stop looking into my eyes.  I felt completely helpless!  The girl’s mom held her and sought to consol her and yet she seemed steeled and unwavering as though she knew all the ramifications of this decision inside and out and had no hesitation… Yet both women had one degree of deep anxiety evidenced mostly by the look and the flushed face of this young mom. I can’t shake the look in her eyes and that she kept looking at me!

Was I in the body of the many baby dads of this world who encourage or at least don’t resist abortions?  What sorrow!  I also can’t shake the picture I still have vividly in my mind of her beautiful hands gripping in agony her tummy and then caressing her tummy as if to say something of anger and comfort in one set of motions.

I can’t shake the look in her eyes…

More than ever I want to make our home available to any expecting mother to spend time with my wife and me and have a loving home where you can pray and seek God’s provision and guidance for the sake of this precious life in your womb.

I am available for baby’s dads too for support and to be a friend in standing for life.  I can be reached at my cell at 209-352-5552, no matter where you are in the world.

Also, I wish for more and more women to benefit from the Crisis Pregnancy Centers around the world for women with this look in their eyes before it’s too late.

When I woke, God led me to Psalm 130:

“If You, Oh Lord, should mark iniquities, Oh Lord, who could stand?

But with You there is forgiveness, that You may be feared.”

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