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Dave & His Dog Misty

Dave is a neighbor who lives in a tent and constantly watches out for his fellow tent-dwellers.  His dog, Misty, stayed with us for a couple of weeks while Dave enjoyed a season with the Rescue Mission guys here in Merced, CA.  Dave and I have become good friends and his dog was a fun little companion for those couple of weeks.  Dave is constantly watching out for his friends and acquaintances in the community of folks without roofs over their heads.  He enjoyed his stay at the Mission because of the men there and because he got to regain some weight he had lost through having a virus he caught while hanging out one morning at our place with us and our godson who was carrying the virus unbenonced to us!  Oops!  I felt so badly this happened!  My daughter and I also both caught the virus, so after getting reasonably well I went to check on Dave hoping he hadn’t caught the virus but he had caught it and been deathly sick while sleeping in the outdoors and not having a bathroom quickly accessible for you know what which goes on when beat up by a bad virus.

Through all of this, I’ve come to have a dear friend in Dave and now our dog has a dear friend in Misty.  God is so kind to guide believers into close friendships with people who are so close to Jesus’ heart.  Dave has recently been baptized and truly believes God is protecting and even using him for His glory and others’ good.  I look forward to continuing to disciple him but also be impacted by him in my walk on the heels of our Lord Jesus.

In warm affection for my fellow followers of our Lord,

– Torrey

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