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Pain with Each Step

Ricky couldn’t take a step without wincing in pain and nearly falling down.  I couldn’t watch without pulling over and offering to give him a ride.  As I lifted him into my ugly van, I realized why God gave me this old thing, to care for people like Ricky.  His feet were literally beginning to rot with infection and his slight frame revealed how poorly he was fed and how neglected his overall health is.  His mind was not all there and he had a hard time forming sentences.  He was seeing things and so confused as I buckled him into the seat and drove him to the ER.  The staff there at the ER at Mercy Medical Center were “impressed at my at my altruistic heart” and I’m sure I could come off as prideful to share this story, yet the question has been burning on my heart for the last couple of weeks since this incident, “Why are we so surprised by acts of love like this?”  There are thousands in towns the size of Merced across thr USA claiming to be followers of Jesus Christ Who made a bee line for people like Ricky!  Why are we surprised?!  This is not something that can be the exception for the genuine follower of Jesus!  How dare we call ourselves followers of Jesus if we don’t have the same attitude He had toward those in need.

Stand with me friends and step into the shadows and hard places of your communities and shine the love of God for the glory of Jesus, the name that is above every name!  Bend your knees and know Him as your Master and Lord!
(Cover photo is my son at Lake Yosemite here in Merced, CA.)

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