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Whose Eyes Matter

I have some long-time friends and a brand new friend who focus in on seemingly thankless long-term labors of love.  The first set of friends we will call Josh and Becky have served their son who has seizures now for many years. Becky has served their son to such a degree during work days and her husband’s business trips that she has difficulty getting any adult interaction besides that of Josh’s husbanding and friendship.  Josh has struggled heavily as well with feeling very lonely as they must often stay apart even from family out of fear of their precious son getting illnesses on top of his sever and disabling condition.

My brand new friend is a care giver for a young man.  They are here in California from Hawaii and will likely be moving back soon.  We will call this friend Eli.  Eli too has faith in Jesus as his Soul’s saving Redeemer, the One Who came to take our sorrows and eternal judgment and to give us eternal life through His death for us.  Eli and Josh remind me of each other as they seek God’s encouragement through our interactions and prayers.  There is a sense of purpose struggle in the isolation of their labors if love.  It would be grossly prideful for me or anyone else to staple their struggle quickly as off base in any way.  It’s a deeply heavy and lonely struggle.  God’s eyes and His heart is what we know matters most, and yet we are social creatures, in part feeling God’s love as we socialize and build close friendships and co-labor for the good of those in hard places.  May we incorporate such souls not only into our prayers but also into our communications, gatherings, and times of fellowship in one way or anther.  That said, may we also stand in awe of the God Who like these friends of mine serves us and cares for us daily in those quiet moments when our souls stop the rat race and listen for His still, small, yet holy voice of kindness and steadfast love.


– Torrey

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