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Turning Pages of Life & Ministry

God is turning the pages of my wife’s and my life together and our ministry as a couple… Life changes but our God keeps redemption happening and keeps using our lives for His redeeming purposes!

Last night my wife and I enjoyed watching the newish movie The Case for Christ.  It’s based on a true story about a sceptic of Jesus’ gift of eternal life becoming a devote follower of this God-man we know to be our Lord and Savior, our Jesus Christ, our Ransom-Paying Redeemer!  Additionally, we just finished today a year and a half chapter of our life where I served as an interim worship leader at a small but beautiful church called Calvary BC here in Merced, CA.  Both of these experiences really say a lot about the season of life and ministry we are in as a couple.  We believe we are called to be domestic missionaries here in Merced, drawing the lost and non-churched to a devoted walk with Jesus.

It was a special honor to serve this beautiful body of believers (Calvary BC) so full of love and desire to follow the Redeemer in every aspect of their lives.  I was able to serve them both through worship leading and several sermons/exhortations on Sunday mornings.  It was at this church where I preached my first public sermons, performed my first baptism, and witnessed a healthy bringing on of a new pastor in a traditional church environment.

After the service today, my wife and I were able to swing over to spend some time with the church we plan to inter-relate Jesus Missionary Communities with in the coming months and years.  The church is lead by two of my friends, one who has become a mentor in the last year and who I trust to care for me as the church planter initially for JMC.  Rick Park is a pastor of many years who understands and even deeply loves the approach to ministry I have sensed to be my calling for several years now.  At the same time, he is supportive of and is careful to walk my friend Raf Renteria and his wife through the planting of a more traditional church called Kaleo Community Church.  He loves the church across the globe, all genuine followers of Jesus, as we should all since Jesus loves His Bride, His church, His people, His siblings made such by His blood shed for our sins!

Rick and I have talked and will be talking again now in the coming weeks with Raf about how we can coordinate and collaborate the visions of KCC & JMC.  Both have the same Mission, the Mission Jesus laid out before He departed physically from this earth to sit at the right hand of the Father God on high.  Jesus simply wants us to introduce the lost to truly and consistently encountering Jesus Christ, coming into a committed and eternal relationship with Jesus by grace through faith.  It’s my prayer that as these very small ministries (especially JMC at this point!) inter-relate and co-labor in the love of the Ransom-Paying Jesus, that we would find the unchurched and lost coming to enter into committed following of Jesus, truly being His disciples, whether they are following more of a traditional church model (KCC) or house church network model (JMC).

God will guide us as leaders in the coming months, but regardless, the harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few, so let’s set to this labor of love in the power of the Holy Spirit and joy of our Redeemer!

There is a calm in my soul as I write this post.  I know our Jesus well enough to know that He will direct us as we seek His face, and He will heal our land!

In His joy,

– Torrey

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