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Penetrating GRACE in JESUS

Have you heard of the helpful Gospel acronym using the word GRACE?

God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense = GRACE

Jesus purchased for us the favor of God the Father by laying down His life as a ransom for many, namely for all who simply repent, turn from our sin, and step into faith in Jesus Christ as our ransom paying Redeemer.  Jesus’ goodness, Jesus’ righteousness has been transferred to us not in any way diminishing His infinitely righteous character but rather expanding the Father’s fatherly love to us who simply believe.  We have been given the inheritance of son and daughterhood in the family of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!  We can rest in this love and simply follow Jesus’ manner of life when He was among us, honoring the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives.

May we come together as believers to make sense of the Gospel to a dying world by how we love one another and those who are still unrepentant under our Holy God’s watch.

God, holy Lord of our souls, please transform us by Your Word and Your Spirit and through humble assembling of ourselves together as believers to pray, worship, celebrate Your love, confess our sins and care for each other, wash one another in Your Word, and lift up our hearts in genuinely seeking Your face.  May Your compassion for those in hard places become more and more characteristic of us, pouring our lives out in genuine concern and faithful attending to those we are introducing to the love of God in the reality of Jesus’ death for us!


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