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Dwelling in Your Tent, LORD

“Let me dwell in Your tent forever!”

– Psalm 61:4a

We were able to donate a bunch of belongings from storage in my parents’ shed to three different thrift stores this last Wednesday. It felt amazing. I am deeply grateful for my Dad and his desire to live simply, love generously, and serve feverishly the LORD of the harvest. My Dad took me on a backpacking trip when I was still quite young before college if I remember right. We hiked up to one of the highest peaks on Sonora Pass up Highway 108 here in Cali on the way to Nevada. The views were breathtaking and my Dad’s company was particularly enjoyable to me because it was just me and my Pop as I’ve always lovingly called him.

One thing I remember in particular was the comfort of his presence as the night came on there in the high Sierras with the cold and wind and wild of everything all around us.

What made “his tent” special in this case was? My Dad!

That’s what this passage of God’s Word made me think of this afternoon. What makes the Lord’s dwellings that He provides for us so special is that He is there with us!

May we at least in some increased way step toward a life of selling it all and following Him, not just in an attitude sense but even down to our ever increasing actually physical following of His manner of life when He walked this earth.

Warmly (especially since its 108 degrees here today),

– Torrey

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