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How? & FAITH

When the question of “How?” meets the reality of FAITH IN CHRIST a whole new path begins… When my wife and I spend time in God’s presence our attitude changes. The attitude of Christ should be all of our aim every day, but as we trust in the Lord to will and to work for His good pleasure in and through us, mountains are moved and the ocean is emptied as has been said.

Marriages aren’t the only relationship s that can be on mission for Jesus. Business groups, friendship circles, and (surprise!) small groups and house churches.

As we step out in faith together, God fills our sails and gives us His direction from His Word, godly mentors and friends, and His Spirit’s promptings. We step forward on the path God leads us along and our joy and love abounds to His glory as we step forward and feel more and more sure of our steps as He guides and provides.

Know the Lord and make Him known becomes our pure and simple focus, and that focus expands the steadier it gets.

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