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Healing Vs Hacking

It is creeping it’s way into the advice from an actual guru I saw posting an ad on Youtube to many I hear comments from around my town. Tricks of this or that trade and “hacks” to trick your brain in this or that way to perform the way you need it to perform for specific functions. We jump on these ideas and preach them like they are Gospel, excited to share the hacks we have learned, and wrapping big parts of our rhythms around these tools.

It’s no surprise these tools are exciting to us as Americans because we love to be utilitarians. However, let’s consider healing over the hacking of our minds and especially our hearts. What would happen if far more often we sought the healing of God’s truth, love, and fellowship over the tricks of our culture? What would happen if we sat in God’s presence and soaked in His Word and Spirit daily, seeking His presence and fellowship?

We would be renewed day-by-day and experience His leadership in how we conduct ourselves with God’s purposes being our ultimate guideposts and not the fruitless goals of human ambitions. As we rest in God’s presence, God places Himself on our hearts, His desires, His intentions, and people He wants us to minister to in that day. We become absorbed with His great mission for His children to make disciples of Jesus Christ first by being disciples ourselves.

Today I have been impacted by Daniel 10, Genesis 32, and Psalm 42… It’s awesome to think of Jesus’ followers re-birthing joy and enthusiasm for Jesus’ way like we never thought we could experience again and being made useful once more to make disciples of Jesus!

May we speak to our souls in our prayer times:

Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me? Hope in God; for I shall again praise Him, my Salvation and my God. – Psalm 42:11

Siblings in Christ, let’s not be tricked into following Jesus more genuinely and passionately today. Instead, may we behold Him as we encounter Him when alone and when with each other. Let’s run harder and longer with each renewing of our minds in God’s Word and in seeking God’s touch of our minds, our lips, and our hearts as small collective bodies if Jesus-fixated communities, families of Jesus’ people!

Worshiping and following Jesus with you all,

– Torrey

P.S. The photo for this post is from our family’s “you pick” outing to the farm from which we get fresh produce. I owe much of my family’s and my rarely getting colds and things to my wife’s careful attention to our dietary health. This keeps me often thinking of how important our spiritual health is, and it’s something ideally we are cultivating together in healthy, small community contexts where we can be known and know one another as incarnations of Jesus’ personal and continual abiding with us for our spiritual wellness as His people in the climate of toxic lies and layers of sinful motives, etc. May we shine all the more brightly, but may we keep very humble self-assessments, realizing all our health spiritually is ultimately due to Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for us!

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