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Grounded in the Gospel

The Gospel puts our eyes where they belong, gazing steadily into the Father’s heart as we encounter our God, holy and yet loving, awesome and yet approachable, beyond us and yet knowable in the truth of Jesus’ real and true and effective sacrifice in our place.

Our gathering together yesterday was so encouraging, several of our number had never joined us before.

On my heart has been the Gospel passionately responded to and how it can draw people from all walks of life with dramatically different perspectives and lifestyles all together to gaze upon the beauty of our ransom being paid by the God-Man, Jesus, the One Who came to earth to be born of a virgin only to die “at His prime” condemned to die for the sins we have committed.

We are all beholding the glory of the Lord together and simply asking:

“Lord, how now shall we live in response to such deep and divine love?!”

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